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Halloween Dumper

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Coco, Ice-T

Kelly and Madison seem like nice girls – DJ Mick
Some hotties – Double Viking
Celebrity monsters – City Rag
Can’t decide on a Halloween costume? – Top Cultured
Cheryl Cole has nice cans – Big Smudge
My kind of dress – EHOWA
Hot chick with see thru shirt video – Nearly Good
Halloween sluts – Totally Crap
Halloween slut song – EJB
Older women that want to bang younger men – Cougar Patrol


Christina Ricci

Looks like Christina Ricci is enjoying Miami. Given that it’s Halloween, it’s perfect that she’s being stalked by the paps because she was in the movie Casper. You get it? Casper was a ghost and there are lots of ghosts on Halloween. So now everything has come full circle and Christina Ricci will be sunbathing topless by the end of the weekend.

Christina RicciChristina RicciChristina RicciChristina RicciChristina Ricci


sarah deherdt

It’s come to my attention that Sarah De Herdt is a Belgian track and field athlete, and possibly a fitness competitor as well. It’s also come to my attention that if she had a sign on her back, it would not read “exit only”.

Since I don’t speak Belgiumnese, I’ve had a hard time pinpointing whether Sarah was ever part of a Belgium National or Olympic team. However, I’ve had no problem find hundreds of pictures of her as well an interesting video of her in a jacuzzi.

Needless to say, I’m not posting that stuff here, and you’re just going to have to seek it out on your own. However, after the break I’ve posted over 60 pics for you, and these are the tame ones.



Lori Loughlin Does Yoga

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lori loughlin

When did Becky Katsopolis get the upgrade? Regardless it was money well spent, because Jennie Garth is sitting next to her wondering how the fuck the princess of 90210 is getting dominated by Aunt Becky.

lori loughlinlori loughlinlori loughlin



Heidi Klum Gets Nekked

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heidi klumIt’s Friday. Why wouldn’t you want to see Heidi in various stages of undress covered in what looks like chocolate sauce? Click here for the gallery.