kenny powers tattoo

If you’re a fan of Kenny Powers on Facebook then you’ve probably noticed the bulletproof tiger dropping some sick one liners on fans (add KP here). Today, I was treated to the above photo of a Kenny Powers tattoo.

Let me just say that tattoos aren’t my thing, but if I was into getting all inked up, a Kenny Powers tattoo would own my right deltoid. It’d be perfect for when I get all white trashy at the carnival and wear a t-shirt with the sleeves cut off.

Oh, and just in case you’re in need of some more Kenny Powers fun facts, here are a few from Facebook…

- I have never once drank a glass of water.
- While in Seattle, I ran for sheriff. And I won.
- On a trip to Bolivia, I purchased a jaguar. Named him Kevin. He resides at the Biloxi Zoo.
- I had chewing tobacco named after me: “Powers’ Chew,” making “I spit it, you suck it!” the most popular ad slogan of the year!

h/t to this guy’s buddy for having the balls to get this tattoo

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