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Veronica Is A Fan

Posted by Don Chavez in Blog

Courtesy of comes this fan video and pictures of Veronica. Looks like this site isn’t a pickle party after all.



Izabel Goulart Pictures

Posted by Don Chavez in Blog

izabelThere’s some big fashion show on TV this week, and it would be to your benefit to brush up on your Izabel Goulart facts and pictures. Click here for everything about her you’d ever want to know.


shauna sand

Pssssst. You’re supposed to act like you didn’t want this video getting out in public. Psssst. Vivid is handling the marketing for the tape. They’ve got a pretty big budget, so you’re wasting your money printing up those posters to hand out.

Psssst. You’re vagina looks like overcooked sliced roast beef.



FYI, the next time you feel tough and want to prove your manhood, I suggest something more along the lines of public urination, lighting a fart on fire, or crushing a beer can on your forehead. Taking on 13 bouncers in a 13 on 2 back alley royal rumble isn’t going to end in your favor…something like 1,000 out of 1,000 times.

I have no clue as to what the back story is on this. All I know is that it took place at Jay Z’s 40-40 club in Atlantic City. Obviously, it’s a high class establishment.


Nicole Bahls Went To The Gym

Posted by Don Chavez in Blog

nicole bahls

Well I guess Nicole Bahls isn’t a one hit wonder, because here she is again. I’m still kinda confused though, because isn’t it stalking if you go into a gym and take pictures of women? I’m pretty sure that they throw you in jail for that sort of harassment, which means that Nicole hired the stalkographer and knows how to play to publicity game.

Play on titty monster.