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The Top 26 Vez Posts Of 2009

Posted by Don Chavez in Blog

top 2009

Another year has come and gone, and in my opinion this was the best one yet for DC. The site finally got a much needed redesign and next month I’ll be mixing it up some more with new features (a shitload of picture galleries and videos, more contests, etc.)

As for personal thank yous, I’d like to thank all the ladies who don’t read the terms of conditions of various photo sharing websites, and opt to make their albums “public”. You have no idea how much easier you make my job.

I’d also like to thank ESPN’s legal team for being scumbags and outing Erin Andrews as the hot blond in those grainy cell phone videos. I’m sure everyone is happy that Michael Barrett was caught and will now get a slap on the wrist, but talk about a PR nightmare. This whole thing could have been handled behind the scenes without throwing EA under the bus, and I’m sure it would have been less embarrassing for her.

I’d like to thank New England Patriots cheerleading squad. They’re one of the few groups of ladies that help fight the stigma that chicks from New England are fat and don’t shave their legs. Also, they take some kick ass pictures behind the scenes when they make their calendar, and for that all of my readers are thankful.

A huge Internet high five to the sites that whore me out on a daily basis. There’s just too many of you to call out in this long as post, and I’m holding back the tears as I scream “thank you” at my computer screen. Don’t worry bitches, I’ve got a cool way to thank all of you in early 2010.

Last of all, I want to thank my readers. You’ve grow from a few of my personal friends to a mini cult that sends me some juicy tips. Speaking of which, one of you emailed me a tip about some of the Nuggets cheerleaders getting kicked off the squad for having a gangbang with a few players around 2006. $100 to any reader that can help me prove this.

Okay, enough of this thank you bull shit. After the break, feast your eyes on the top 26 posts on Don Chavez for the year 2009. Why 26? Because it’s better than 25, and I like to go the extra mile.



mariah carey

Mariah Carey is working OT this week, doing the Capri Film Festival. Why, I don’t know. They must have been doing a screening to celebrate another year going by without anyone purchasing Glitter on DVD or VHS.

mariah careymariah careymariah careymariah careymariah careymariah careymariah careymariah carey


julia alexandratouDouble Viking calls her the “International Model of the Day”, but if you ask me she’s the poster child for the fight against censorship. Check our Julia and her battle with discretely place black bars here.


Meet Bruna Hort

Posted by Don Chavez in Blog

bruna hort

Your random model of the day? Bruna Hort. Never heard of her, but here she is…

bruna hortbruna hortbruna hortbruna hortbruna hortbruna hortbruna hortbruna hortbruna hortbruna hort


Miranda Kerr Poses For Ralph

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miranda kerr

Here’s a little Miranda Kerr to warm up everyone as we close out 2009. Words, words, words. Hey, there’s more pics of Miranda after the break!