Erin Andrews

Originally I was going to post these pictures of Erin Andrews working the Holiday Bowl in San Diego with some tongue in cheek commentary about how things are back to normal and we can start making Internet cat calls about how hot Erin is.

That was until I realized two things. The first being that the guy behind her, who I have been told is her bodyguard (although I haven’t personally confirmed it), appears to be checking out her posterior. Waaaaaaaay too soon guy! You’re not allowed to check out EA’s dumper in public for at least two years.

Second, you’ll see that she was hanging out with a mega-celeb at the game. None other than Larry the Cable Guy. I guess he’s a Nebraska fan. I’d love to see how that conversation went down…

Larry: “Hey, uh, you’re that reporter from dat peep hole video, right?”

Erin: “Yes but I don’t want to talk about it.

Larry: “Well I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed the video, probably every night for a month straight if you know what I mean. I especially liked the way you were checking oucha bum in the mirror. Get’er done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Erin AndrewsErin AndrewsErin AndrewsErin AndrewsErin AndrewsErin AndrewsErin Andrews

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