Jessica Simpson Cleavage

Wow, brutal day on the rating scale today. You guys were pretty emphatic in calling me out for posting a bunch of pigs today. Hey, I’m not a miracle worker, I do what I can. I can’t force the hot Hollywood A-Listers to go out and flash their juggs in the middle of January. Unfortunately, on days like today you get stuck with Octomom and her photoshopped stretch marks.

Maybe this post will save the day. Granted it’s only three pictures, but damn. Looks like Jessica Simpson is craving some attention, and dammit you better give it to her.

Notice how I didn’t call her fat? You know why? It’s because she top-shelfed those guns. When you top-shelf the bewb salad, it pretty much draws all attention away from a fat ass, thunder thighs, and even a gunt. That and wearing high heels and a black dress. Sorry bitches, I just outed all of your secrets.

jessica simpson cleavagejessica simpson cleavage

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