Okay bitches, the winners of this weeks contest have been chosen and I just emailed you. Make sure to check that nasty spam folder just in case. If you didn’t win, no worries I’ve got more swag lined up for next week.

If I get bored, expect to see me posting tomorrow. Like most things in life, I don’t want to commit to it. But you should stop by anyway. Actually, my ass will probably post and I’ll be working on some new features for Don Chavez 2.5. This place is going to be Las Vegas only without the gambling. Yep, I’m even going to have Mexicans that will try and hand you strip club flyers via your email. Not really.

After the break, I’ve got a shitload of links for you in thumbnail format. There’s a 99% chance that most of these thumbnails like to galleries of physically fit, tanned, sexy women.

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