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Guitar Hero Dumper

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I think it’s time that I reward the people who check out this site on the weekend. After the break, I’ve posted probably the hottest Christina Hendricks video I’ve ever laid eyes on. Apparently she was on some TV series called “Beggars and Choosers”. I’ve never heard of the show, but umm, I think they were onto something. You’ll just have to see for yourself…



The title says it all. That’s exactly what was going on here. Someone saw Anna Kournikova shopping at the mall, and they desperately tried to get some photos down her shirt. Nice try, but not even close.

Next time I recommend a two person team. One to dump a bucket of cold water on her, and the other to take the pictures. Pffft, amateurs.


Loni Anderson Hasn’t Aged

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What’s the deal with Loni Anderson? She hasn’t aged in about 15 years. Like isn’t she in her sixties, but she looks like she did in her late forties. But I guess a shitload of plastic surgery can do that for anyone. The only problem is that if you look at her cans, they’re probably about 5 years old, while the area just below her neck looks like that of your grandmother. Ewwwy.

Keep in mind, Burt Reynolds ruined this chick. She used to be something back in her WKRP days, but once Jack Horner got a hold of her it was all down hill.



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Do I really have to explain how awesome this photo is? Look at this guy’s face, it’s like he’s seeing bewb salad for the first time in his life. Granted he’s like 50, but still, you can’t tell me that at one point in your life you haven’t made the same face at a Gentleman’s Club. Wait, so it’s just me and this guy? FML.