It’s known by many names. The Atomic Sit-Up, the Olympic Sit-Up, the Impossible Sit-Up, but collectively it’s known as the funniest group prank you can ever execute.

I’d go into detail on how to set this prank up, but why do that when I can let the experts show you with video?

After the break, 9 of the greatest Atomic Sit-Ups available on the Internet. Warning: There’s a lot of bare ass ahead.

Chick does an atomic situp at the beach.

This guy doesn’t exactly catch on right away. I think it’s clear that this is the first time he’s been nose deep in an atomic sit up.

Bet you didn’t know that the atomic sit up has been part of military training for over 60 years…

This guy almost knocks himself out when he headbutts the prankster…

The prankster in this one crossed the line between prank and gay sex. How? He spreads his cheeks.

This group actually makes their victim work for it.

This guy gets pwned so bad, it has to be blurred out.

Can you see? No. Perfect, because there’s a bare ass in front of your face…

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