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While you check out Vida’s hot ass in Tiger stripes, why don’t you hit play so you can listen to The Temptations butcher “Eye of the Tiger”?


The Mexican paparazzi is a joke. They hide in the bushes when they just be walking right up to Katy Perry and asking her to pose for a few shots right after she gets out of the pool. Furthermore they need some of those 4 foot camera lenses if they’re going to do this long distance photography thing.

Hopefully this is one of those extended vacations where we get five consecutive days of Katy tempting Russell Brand in an effort to find out if he’s gay before they tie the knot.


The only reason I keep posting these picture sets of Kelly Bensimon in a bikini is because I want you guys to feel the pain that I feel when I look at them. Looking at these photos is like looking at an accident on the side of the road. There’s lots of carnage, and you know you shouldn’t look, but for some reason you just can’t turn away.

Speaking of carnage, how about last week’s Real Housewives of NYC? Ramona was perfectly in line for asking Kelly if was getting her tits fixed before she posed for Playboy. Hey it was a legit question, and if you’ve seen the pictures, no she didn’t get them fixed. Instead they just angled her so that you could never see both breasts at the same time.

That’s the recession way of hiding the fact that your plastic surgeon used a picture of Bugs Bunny’s ears as inspiration for your breast implants.


If you like fast women and fast cars, this gallery is for you. Well maybe only 50% of you, because it only has fast women in it. Check out this collection of wild things by clicking here…


I’ve been watching Jessica Simpson bounce up and down braless in a tank top for the last 20 minutes. This shit is more addicting than cigarettes.