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Kate Hudson Looks Cold

Posted by Don Chavez in Blog

Considering Kate Hudson got ruined by A-Rod, she’s looking pretty good these days. Maybe it’s those B cup implants she upgraded to. Talk about going overboard, huh? She’s definitely going to have back problem later in life from all that heavy lifting.

Honestly I didn’t realize that chicks paid for B Cups. I thought you just lift weights for 2 months and boom, you got B Cups.


Is it possible to say anything bad about Eva Mendes? I don’t think she’s had one slip up since we all were introduced to her in that awesome scene in Training Day. She doesn’t whore herself out to the paps, and shows just enough in her movies to keep you coming back for more.

P.S. You’ll know exactly what I’m talking about when I say that the chick in one of the Ashley Madison banners looks like Eva Mendes. She’s probably over there in the sidebar, but I don’t understand why more dating sites don’t advertise with nothing but celebrity look alikes.


After yesterday’s fiasco where I posted pictures of Megan Fox looking like she caught a bad case of the mouth Herpes from someone besides me, I think it’s only appropriate that I redeem her by posting these shots from Jonah Hex. So here is the hotter, Herp-free Megan Fox that you are accustomed too…


Fernanda Cardoso does an awesome hair bra. It’s so good, that I think you should go check it out by clicking here.


Did Holly Madison get another upgrade, or are my eyes just f’d up this morning? Maybe she got the new Reebok pump implants. They’re great because you can pick a different size implant according to the type of event. Night out in Vegas with Hef, 100 pumps. Hosting a Vegas pool party, 75 pumps. Grand opening of a classy Vegas buffet, 15 pumps. You get the idea.