Despite the fact that Marisa Miller cheated on me last night at the Barnstable Brown Party, I’m still pretty fired up for today. After all, it is Kentucky Derby day. It’s like Christmas only instead of getting gifts, you push massive amounts of money through a window with an old man on the other side of it. He then gives you a piece of paper that will be worthless once the race is over. How exciting is that?

In all seriousness though, if you’re in Louisville right now, the weather sucks. The good news though, is that since it’s raining you can still get Kentucky Derby Tickets.

Well I gotta run, I have a lot of drinking and better to do. But I’ll leave you with this…

$1 Trifecta Box on Discretely Mine, Dublin, Ice Box, Lookin at Lucky, Backtalk, and Sidney’s Candy. That’ll run you $120 and you’ll be a $30k millionaire after the race is over.

Fingers crossed I have as good of a day as I did on Kentucky Derby Day 2007 (holy shit it’s photo evidence!).

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