Sandwiched in between the finale of Lost and 24, was this little show called Dancing With The Stars. I didn’t have a chance to see it, but apparently Erin Andrews did some sort of bedroom themed dance and shook her ass all over the place. I think they still have another show where they announce the winner, but she’s got this one in the bag. After all this is ABC’s way of saying “we’re sorry we fucked up and outed you to the world as the naked woman in those grainy cell phone videos that had blond hair bud only sorta resembled you…so instead of suing us, how about we let you win Dancing With The Stars?”

I’m not saying that Erin Andrews can’t shake her money maker, we all know she’s got some moves. But if Nicole Scherzinger loses, well how does a professional dancer lose in a dancing competition to non-dancers? Wouldn’t that make Nicole Scherzinger a pretty shitty professional dancer? That being said, the line on Erin Andrews is a saucey +500. Could be a nice chunk of change if you buy into my bullshit conspiracy theory.

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