Introducing a new feature for the Vezaholics out there. Once a month I’m going to be featuring an interview with an entertainer from Rick’s Cabaret. Yes, that Rick’s Cabaret.

Hopefully at some point we’ll have some video to go along with the interviews, but for now you’re just going to have to settle for some photos instead.

So after the break enjoy a few pictures of this month’s girl, Avalon, along with 12 mind numbing questions from yours truly.

1) What’s your name?


2) What are your measurements?


3) Do you have a website you want to plug?

No, but you can read about the club at

4) How long have you been dancing for?

A little over 2 years

5) What’s your best physical feature?

My lips

6) Do you have a signature dance move?

Not really, but some say I move very sensually

7) What’s the biggest tip you’ve ever gotten?

A Wall Street guy offered to take me to Paris in his private jet, but I declined

8 ) What’s the worst pick up line someone has ever dropped on you at Rick’s?

“Your legs must be tired because you have been running through my mind all day”

9) What’s the best pick up line that someone has ever dropped on you at Rick’s?

“I’ve heard them all. Lines don’t work with me. Just be nice and sincere.”

10) If you could spend a night with any celebrity (male or female) who would it be?

Channing Tatum

11) Do you have any celebrity blind items that you can share with us?

One of my regular customers plays for the Yankees. He is a great tipper, but I would like him even if he wasn’t so generous.

12) Anything else you want to share with the readers of Feel free to share funny and sexy stories.

I competed in “Strip Beer Pong” on Howard Stern’s “Howard TV” and I think that they were hoping that the Rick’s Cabaret Girls would be bad at it because we had to strip if we lost. We could have beat them, but we didn’t try too hard–we knew that they were so anxious to see us take our clothes off–especially “Sal the Stockbroker.” So I didn’t try that hard. I like to please!

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