Shapow. Happy Candice Swanepoel day! I might as well rename the site because I think at this point she straight out owns the joint.

In other site news, I did a little bit of cleaning up on the post layouts. Specifically I got rid of the Twat-ter and Facebook share icons, as well as the thumbs up/down feature. Basically that shit wasn’t getting used enough so I 86′ed it. Instead I’ve replaced it with a nice and simple Facebook like button. In case you didn’t know, the like button is the lazy man’s way of helping to promote this site.

I don’t know about you guys, but I take pride in being not only the author of this site, but a reader as well. Which is why you should sign into your Facebook account and then come back here and “like” my shit. By doing so, you will increase your chances of getting laid by 294.555% according the accounting firm of Leibovitz, Feinstein, and Jones.

Don’t believe me? Test it out. Chicks will start friending you on Facebook and then following up with an email wondering where they can mail you a pair of their panties for free. If they don’t I’ll refund your free subscription to DC.

But hey, don’t thank me. Thank Zuckerberg for creating that site and making stalking 100% more anonymous. Oh, and by the way my ass doesn’t stalk on there, I get stalked. I’m pretty sure I have three ex-girlfriends posing as dudes on there because I won’t give them the time of day in the real world any more. It just seems to peculiar when a dude emails me out of the blue asking me if so and so was the best lay I’ve ever had.

Phew, I’m tired, out of breath, and sweating profusely from all this typing. This is the most I’ve written in probably a year. Don’t forget the pics after the break…

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