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Daily Dozen To End Movember

Posted by Don Chavez in Blog

I totally screwed up. I didn’t realize that Movember meant you were supposed to grow a Magnum PI stache all month long. Instead I’ve been going around the neighborhood cutting lawns at no charge as part of what I thought was Mowvember. Lesson learned my friends.


Michelle McCool boobs

You know what I don’t get (besides free lap dances)? Why Jenn Sterger is more famous than Michelle McCool when it comes to Florida State alumni. Sure Sterger has been baiting old QBs into sexting wangs to her, but how hard is that? According to the pictures, not very. Chaching, I’ll be here all night folks!

No, but seriously. McCool is at least 5 times, no 6 times hotter than Sterger, and she’s demonstrated that she’s a thespian in the highest regard with her performances in the WWE.

Case closed, now move on to what you came here for after the break…



Geri Halliwell bikini candids

Is Miami going to be this Winter’s St. Barth’s? I doubt it. As Cougarly as Geri Halliwell might be in her bathing suit, and as great as the Hulkster’s daughter looks brown bagged in here string bikini, they don’t hold a candle to the celebs that hit up St. Barth’s. Did I mention I already planned to take my next vacation there during the next Victoria’s Secret catalog shoot? Should be a good time. Nothing like spending some quality time in the bushes with a telephoto lens. Just kidding, I don’t own a telephoto lens.

More of Geri after the break…



Is it possible for a hot chick to get any closer to being in her birthday suit without actually being in her birthday suit? I think not.

Click here and peruse through a gallery of Valerie Cormier in a thong and pasties. Keep in mind that after you look at these photos, your day will be all downhill from here.


Anna Kournikova legs

One of the things I love of about Anna Kournikova is that I never need an excuse to post pictures of her. They don’t need to be timely, they don’t need some back story, they just need to be at least 600 pixels wide and show some skin. Blogging doesn’t get any easier than that.

Which is why these photos from 2008 are totally acceptable. It’s just Anna being Anna after the break…