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Salma Hayek bikini

Has there been a shift of power in terms of hot chicks per temporary capita from Cabo to St. Barts? At this point, with the addition of Salma Hayek, I think it’s a dead heat. I’m talking Sunday Silence and Easy Goer. I guess only time will tell, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Victoria’s Secret was on the phone with Marisa Miller telling her to get her ass on a plane to St. Barts so that they can win this non-existent contest. Does that even make sense? Hell no, but it doesn’t matter because there are more pictures of Salma Hayek in a bikini after the break…



Laurie Cholewa bikini

You heard me Miami. You’re a D List town when it comes to the ole Christmas through New Year’s vacation. Everyone knows that the ballers are in St. Barts and Cabo right now. I think I proved that yesterday.

Any way, this is Laurie Cholewa, some French singer who in these photos looks like a low rent version of Eva Mendes. Speaking of which, there’s someone I’d love to have the stalkarazzi get some beach photos of.

I’m sure they’ll turn up any day now. In the meantime check out Laurie after the break…



Nicky Hilton bikini

Hands down I think this is the first time that Nicky Hilton can be classified as the hotter looking sister. Nicky and Paris have the classic Jan versus Marsha battle on a daily basis, and for once Jan came out on top. Or maybe I’m just still drunk from last night? Beer goggles are wondrous and dangerous things.

See more of Nicky after the break…



I don’t think “accidentally” should apply here. My foreign video translator tells me that the guy holding the camera said something like “this is what you get when you don’t cook me dinner and pleasure me every night”….thud.


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