Elisabetta Canalis thong

Not only is Elisabetta Canalis hot, but she also has some nice looking friends, one of which is a fan of the thong bikini. Ha. I love that her friend is trying to make up for her mug by sporting the thong. Like Clooney is going to come by and tell Canalis to hit the bricks because he gets mesmerized by the other chick’s thong. Nice try honey, but you’re going to have to get pretty early in the morning to fool George Clooney.

Seriously, how can I get George Clooney to adopt me? I think I’m the perfect candidate to fend off the groupies so that Canalis doesn’t get pissed. Probably my #2 dream job behind “oil boy” for a Victoria’s Secret swimsuit photo shoot.

More of Elisabetta & Co. after the break…

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