There are WAY too many shapes going on here. – Busted Coverage
Rihanna is a perv? Cool. – FHM
Marloes Horst bikini pics – GCeleb
Breaking: Gisele is hot. – Use My Computer
Those are some weird boots – Uncoached
This dog is stone-cold chillin’ – The Daily
Soldiers blowing up a tank with a grenade! – Linkiest
Weird plush toys – City Rag
MIlla Jovavich see-thru – Rich and Brainless
A topless girl. Just because. – Funtasticus
Classic McDonald’s toys – EgoTV
An essay on why you should watch “Archer” – Caveman Circus
Here’s how to break the fashion rules. Note: Please don’t break the fashion rules. – Ask Men
Demotivational posters – Brosome
Celebrity caricatures – Denzo Mag

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