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This would be kinda sad if it didn’t happen so slowly and if the old man wasn’t such a fighter. He grips the handrail till the very end. That’s just good ole’ fashioned gumption, whatever the hell “gumption” is.


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A lot of people have told me recently that Friendster is going to shut down, so if you have any pics or junk up there in an old account, you should get it, which I guess is good advice, but I would prefer that Friendster just go dormant except for one week eery five years where people can look at their old pics and realize how time has ravaged their once youthful looks.


Hayden Panettiere

She’s out supporting her boyfriend, Vladmir Klitschko at his premiere. And yes, he can beat you up, so don’t get any ideas. You might be able to outrun him, but not while carrying Hayden, so what’s the point, really?

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If you’ve got an hour and like to laugh, here’s a great interview with Tina Fey, courtesy of The Daily

Click here for the video