Because it’s summer, we’ve got Selena Gomez almost topless. Almost. – GCeleb
Brandon Marshall has a (certified) mental disorder – Bleaceher Report
Aymeline Valade is a name you might not know, but has a face that you probably won’t forget. – The Nip Slip
Because making fun of rednecks never falls out of fashion, here’s a list of redneck fails. – Linkiest
This baseball fan brawl has a man smacking a woman. Cool, dude. – Busted Coverage
This “walking taco” is made in a bag of Fritos. However, if you can’t walk eating a regular taco, you have issues. – The Daily
This post is simply titled “A Damn Hot Girl in a Bikini.” Dirty rotten whore raises the bar for naming conventions. – Dirty Rotten Whore
Uncoached calls this the “dumbest personal ad ever.” They might be write. – Uncoached
MTV has released their 2011 VMA nominees. (Insert comment about the irony of having awards for music videos they no longer air. – DJ Mick
This motorcycle looks like it came straight from outer space. Or hell. – Just A Guy Thing

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