Peta Murgatroyd. Yeah, I don’t know her either, but I’m working on that. – GCeleb
These pics of Michael Fassbender filming a sex scene in NYC are pretty ridicky-donkey. – The Nip Slip
You’re going to click on this link to the ‘Star Wars’ porn parody. YOU’RE GOING TO! – Boobie Blog
Guy scores a KO with one karate kick. Crane technique? – Linkiest
To be fair, the FSU cheerleaders are getting a scouting report as well. – Busted Coverage
Hungarians are practicing some very unsafe pool behavior. – The Daily
I love this first pic of Alex Sim-Wise. – Uncoached
Hey! It’s a helpful weekend guide to doing nothing!- FHM
Lindsay Lohan is on tape buying drugs. Maybe. – Modamee
A little story demonstrating that parents JUST. DON’T. LISTEN. – Funtasticus
Evangeline Lily is looking gorgeous in the face portraits. Hey, faces can be sexy too! – Pick Me Up News
Apple was the world’s biggest company for a few minutes Wednesday – Just A Guy Thing
James Franco is gettin’ a little too big for his britches. – Caveman Circus
And finally, as summer creeps to a close, lets’ look back at some images of the best music festivals of the season. – DJ Mick
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