Selena Gomez got a tattoo! STOP THE PRESSES!- G Celeb
Hilary Swank is rocking a black bikini and a cowboy hat. Giddyup.- The Nip Slip
Meet Jo Hicks, a page 3 girl that took her shirt off for you. – The Daily
Are you a procrastinator? Click here to confirm that you are. – Linkiest
Here’s Gisele (a different one), a dominatrix. Better do what she says. – Boobie Blog
And now, Caitlin Winters for your review. – Dirty Rotten Whore
Here’s a clip from the upcoming and awesome Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy – FHM
You prob recognize this pic of hot FSU fans. Where are they now? – Busted Coverage
Is ‘Commando’ one of the greatest movies ever made? No way. – Caveman Circus
Is this the coolest watch ever? – Made Man
These swapped corporate logos are pretty weird. – Uncoached
This drag race is pretty amazing – Double Viking
Here’s a gallery of ripped women. Gross. – Funtasticus

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