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I had no idea. I mean, I don’t see why you couldn’t, considering they shield themselves and no one really watches for the sexual thrill. At least, no one I know does. In any event, here’s Chargers kicker Nick Novak draining the main vein on national television. Behind a really small towel. But in front of a boy tasked with holding up that towel. While kneeling.

So is this a sex crime or not? I’m confused.


Vida Guerra Takes It Off

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Vida Guerra

Wow. Most girls in bathing suits don’t look like this. She looks like she was destined to be in that bikini. Her destiny is complete. The prophecy is fulfilled. Enjoy that hot dog, Vida. You’ve earned it.

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Cartoon ‘Pedobear’ used for luring kids:

People are taking pedobear WAY too seriously. It started off as a Japanese cartoon. Shocking! Apparently, pedophiles are using pedobear to identify themselves as child predators. I think everyone should lighten up and maybe keep better track of their kids. Just a hunch.


Sugar Mama Dumper

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