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Belen Rodriguez

And a grateful nation thanks her. Here she modeling for a lingerie company as she and so many other women that grace these pages do. And she’s got a butterfly tattoo on her front hip! That’s adorable. And probably not the best thing for a model to have. Maybe that’s why ole’ Belen hasn’t made it to the big leagues. A silly tattoo.

Let that be a lesson to you other kids. No tattoos. Ever.

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Pakistan, despite being a giant opium exporter, thinks that booze is just TERRIBLE. Therefore, they’ve put together this “celebration” (?question mark?) in which they steamroll over all the booze that has been confiscated in their fair, fair country.

Caution: These pictures are very graphic (if you really like booze)

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This video makes me angry that we don’t have politicians that can be themselves and do cool stuff. If I handed Barack Obama or George Bush a glass of beer, they’d have to put it to committee, then that committee would have to wait for focus groups to get back to them before deciding that drinking alcohol that quickly could “send the wrong message.” I like America, but sometimes, we should be more like Australia.


A toxicology report done on Rudy Eugene found that he had some weed in his system, but not those bath salts that everyone was suddenly dog-piling on. I think the nation owes an apology to all us bath salt-users. We’re a harmless lot that just like to get blind wasted on snorting bath salts. It’s a victimless crime, and if you’ll excuse me, I’m starting to shake, so I’m gonna blow a rail of bath salts.

Does anyone actually use bath salts for baths, by the way?


‘WAKE UP!’ Dumper

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