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It’s hard to find much in the way of interesting news outside of the Olympics, but here’s a fun little nugget for you: Ebola has killed fourteen people in Uganda recently, and medical experts are trying to figure out if it could find its way over the pond to the US.

For those not hip, Ebola is a rare virus that had a movie (‘Outbreak’) based on its ability to quickly jump from host to host and kill them. No cure is on the horizon, and it supposedly kills 90% of the people it touches. Well, that’s not good news at all, now is it? Maybe we should just get back to covering Olympics stuff, and not things that kill us that we are powerless to stop.


Perhaps my favorite part of the Olympics is turning on the TV and going, “Huh. That’s a sports?” Awesome. It happened last night when Vincent Hancock of the US won a gold medal for skeet shooting. Gun control WHAT? If you’ve ever been skeet shooting, you’d know that missing only 2 of 150 tries is pretty damn impressive, as is winning a gold medal for being handy with a shotgun. I think I found my new bodyguard. Do you think fans jump for errant shots the way they do for foul balls at baseball games?

Yeah, me neither. Congratulations, Vinent. Now go join the Army.


Sophia Reade

What does one have to do with the other, you ask? I have no idea. Probably nothing. But getting the two Twilight stars in a headline is always good for business, so let’s see how this plays out, no? Yeah. Here’s Sophia Reade modeling a few different bikinis against a really futuristic background.

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The only time I really enjoy advertising on a genuine level is when it makes me laugh, and the Budweiser talking frogs and the Energizer bunny don’t exactly cut it. However, there are a lot of other static billboards that get the job done, so kudos to those ad execs or creatives or Don Drapers who are able to make my morning commute just a little more palatable. It really makes all the difference. Now get rid of traffic.

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Way worse than a pizza buffet in Wisconsin, this looks like some serious “kill or be killed” shit right here. I can’t say that it’s unwarranted – Vietnamese food is awesome. But these guys eat it every day, so you’d think that they wouldn’t be quite so geared up about it.


It’s a testament to the cuisine that they can eat like they have two buttholes and still be skinny. No fat Vietnamese people, as best I can tell.