DonChavez.com is a men’s entertainment site that offers offbeat news commentary, daily photo and video galleries, sexy bikini model galleries, and (coming soon) a members only forum. Don Chavez has consistently broken newsworthy stories, some of which have been featured on Fox News (website & TV), TMZ (website & TV), the Sacramento Bee, the Winnipeg Free Press, and the O’Reilly Factor.

If you are looking to reach the male 18-34 demographic, you have found the right website. Our demographic data can be viewed on Quantcast, and we are happy to furnish proof of traffic upon request.


Below you will find our standard advertising zones on the Blog page of Donchavez.com. However, our advertising packages are not limited to these zones.

Almost all of our ads are tracked through OpenX, and we can accommodate flat rate, CPM, PPC, TLA, interstitials, viral content seeding, background skin-outs, and much more. Some campaigns can also be geotargeted and limited to a certain number of impressions per day or per visitor. In other words, we’ll work with you to provide you with a targeted campaign that will hopefully reach your goals.

We are also available to do giveaways and contests as well. For an example of this, please visit this page to see a campaign we ran in 2008 called “Don Chavez’s Favorite Things”.

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