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Marisa Miller

She’s one of the hottest women alive, she’s rich, she could have anyone and anything she wants…and she chooses this guy. Guys like him and Lyle Lovett are the reason why some of us feel that if we ever met a chick lick Marisa Miller in person, we’d have a shot…at casually brushing our elbow across her chesticles as we walked by her in a crowded room.

Marisa MillerMarisa MillerMarisa MillerMarisa MillerMarisa MillerMarisa Miller


Mel B

What’s the deal with Scary Spice? Is there still some sort of career tied to those magical fake tatters of hers? The only reason I ask is because if you’re going to take pictures of chicks that are hot, there are much hotter chicks out there. I guess I have to assume that there is still some sort of Spice Girls cult following that make these photos relevant on the Internet.

Mel BMel BMel BMel B


Pamela Anderson

Sorry to bring you back to reality after yesterday’s incredible photos of Pamela Anderson being super young and hot, but this is what she looks like today. Father Time has taken a crow bar to her face and he showed no mercy – that bastard.

No matter what though, the one thing Pam will always have going for her is an awesome rack. You just can’t take that away from her, and if she was a super heroine it would be her secret weapon.

Oh no, they’re robbing the bank!

Pam pops open her shirt and the villains pass out and hit the ground.

Pamela AndersonPamela AndersonPamela AndersonPamela AndersonPamela AndersonPamela AndersonPamela Anderson


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Katrina Darrell

I don’t know how she does it, but Katrina Darrell still manages to draw the attention of the cameras and still makes Ryan Seacrest wonder if he might be straight. Just kidding, everyone knows that Seacrest doesn’t have a straight bone in his body – unless you take that sentence literally and apply it to a Saturday night.

Any way, back to Katrina Darrell. These pics are from the topless pool at the Mirage, but someone didn’t read the rules before entering the pool area. I know for a fact that it says, and I quote, “Rule #3: All American Idol contestant named Katrina must sing topless while in the pool area.”.

Now where the hell was security to say “rules are rules”?

More of Seacrest’s worst nightmare after the break.