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If I was going to run some sort of bikini wash, it wouldn’t be a bikini bike wash or a bikini car wash. Hell no. My ass would run a bikini ball wash!

Yep, golfers from miles around would show up and have the hottest and bustiest bikini clad women wash their balls for them.

Maybe I’ll do that next Summer. Until then, here are some sexy bike was pics…


gameday austin

If you’ve ever wondered what Matthew McConaughey would look like if he were a double arm amputee, consider today your lucky day! Alright, enough of him and his pregnant girlfriend.

After the break, there are plenty of pictures of UT cheerleaders in what should be assless chaps.



miami dolphins cheerleaders

A bunch of you have been complaining that I haven’t published a cheerleader scandal in a while. So rather than sift through more of those annoying emails, I figured this would shut you guys up until you actually start submitting stuff to me. You need to understand that there’s only so much of my watching TV on the couch while drinking time that I can allocate to searching for cheerleader scandals.

So, here I present to you the Miami Dolphins 2009-2010 cheerleader squad. The lovely ladies above are Jenny and Rachel. If you ask me, they should ditch the cheerleader gig and start their own website.

Then we have R*******. OMG, is that her nipple? It can’t be, can it?

miami dolphins cheerleaders

There. You asked, I delivered. Oh, and there is an obscene amount of photos after the break.



Kat Majester

Deadspin discovered her, but I think that 18 photos from the local newspaper isn’t enough to make you fully appreciate the Internet’s newest pole vaulting princess. Which is why I put together a gallery of 30 additional photos of Clemson cheerleader/pole vaulter Kat Majester.

Now here’s the million dollar question. Who is hotter? Majester or her pole vaulting counterpart Allison Stokke? Stokke came with a fury of drama via her family, and recently saw her flash in the pan burn off as she was defeated at the Spike Guy’s Choice Awards.

For me, it’s Majester in a landslide. You’ve got to love a chick that’s blonde one day and a redhead the next. A cheerleader in the Fall and a pole vaulter in the Spring. That’s like dating four chicks at the same time, and they’re all cool with you seeing the other one.

Wait, did I just admit to a schizophrenia fetish? Yes you did. Who said that? He did. WTF.



Cowboys Cheerleader tryouts

Over 700 woman tried out for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleading squad over the weekend. The turn out was almost as impressive as the way they narrowed down the field. They opted to have the potential squad members take a brief written exam that probably wipe out 620 of the attendees. Next they naturally eliminated the ugly and fat chicks, which then left them with a crop of ladies who potentially could become part of Jerry Jones’ sideline striptease revue.

All of that aside, this is probably the least inspiring crop of potential NFL cheerleaders I’ve ever laid eyes on. Or maybe the cameraman has a think for beat chicks? I don’t know.