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constance trahan


Gwinnett County Police said the homeowner, Constance Trahan, was operating a strip club in the basement and garage of her home in the 1400 block of Purcell Road.

Police said they found a sign that read “1 Dollar Jello Shots,” along with minors consuming alcohol on July 18.

“There were about 200 people there,” Ferguson said Tuesday. “It took an hour and half to clear the house.”

Police also arrested party guest Lester Ramirez, 20, who told officers there were dances in the garage/basement area and that Trahan was selling alcohol, according to a police report.

Ramirez, who lied about his age, was found carrying marijuana in his mouth, according to a police report.

Ramirez was charged with marijuana and alcohol possession, along with providing police with a false date of birth. He has since been released on a $3,900 bond.

Ferguson said he never saw any dancers, but knew there something more than a birthday party going on next door.

I expect nothing less from the Hotlanta area. First off, I want to say kudos to Trahan for opening up a makeshift strip club. In a really shitty economy, Trahan is a pioneer in the field of adult entertainment. Look at how much cash she’s moved to her bottom line by using her home for the club instead of renting a venue. On top of that, she’s got the $1 jello shot deal going for her, and we all know $1 jello shots put the horny college kids asses in the seats.

Now as for the neighbor he needs to chill the fuck out. So what if you weren’t invited to the check out the talent next door. You’ve got a child at home, you can’t be running off in the middle of the night to go hang out with chicks doused in cucumber melon body spray and glitter.

And Ratty Ramirez should get the book thrown at him for his actions. What’s the matter, is your girlfriend one of the strippers? Why would you tell the cops that it was a strip club? Obviously he wants to pay retail for his lap dances, because we all know that Trahan had the best deal in town. That’s right, $1 jello shots and $2 lap dances.

Well as much as Ramirez should be shame, I’ve also got to give him a virtual fist bump. Why? Because he just became the first entrant in a new segment called “Guy Code”.

Basically if you see anyone breaking one of the many laws of the “Guy Code”, send me the story and I break it down for everyone. It can be a news article, or you can email me your story about how your buddy broke one of the laws and I’ll rip him apart for you.

Guy Code: Though shalt not rat out makeshift strip club owners operating out of their home, regardless of how many grams of marijuana are hiding from the police in your mouth.


Jessica Mitchell

I decided that this announcement couldn’t wait until Monday, because it’s that big. It’s never been done before in the men’s interest blogging niche.

Starting next week, Jessica Mitchell will be contributing here on That’s right Vezaholics, I now have a chick lined up to write for the site and answer all of your questions pertaining to hot chicks and how you might accidentally convince one to go on a date with you.

The name of her column is “Ask A One Legged Hot Chick”. I shit you not, the hottest female amputee blogger has joined forces with me to dominate the Internet with humor, dating advice, and boobs. Speaking of which, after the jump Jessica breaks the ice by answering the old “Ask A Hot Chick” questionnaire. She then follows it up with a gallery of photos which I had to censor in order to publish on the site.

But before I send you onto her pics, you might be wondering how you become the first to “Ask A One Legged Hot Chick”? Simple, just follow Jessica on Twitter (CLICK HERE!!!!) then tweet your question to her. That simple. Each week she’ll pick one question and enlighten you with her answer. If you guys play nice, she might even post some photos with her answer.

Now onto the good stuff…



The Perfect Faceplant – Watch more Funny Videos

This video was title “The Perfect Faceplant”. Sorry my friends, aside from Jessica Biel’s ass, there are few things that are perfect in this world. Now if you threw in some pavement, a quart of blood, and a compound fracture I’d drop the perfect moniker on this video, but with all three missing, well it’s just a faceplant.

That being said, don’t get me wrong, I want to see fuck face do this again!