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Did you see that parked car? It totally jumped out in front of that chick on the bike! I’m still kinda trying to wrap my head around why this was being recorded. I mean as much as I love to site around and video tape parked cars, something doesn’t add up here.


Vida Guerra Dumper

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One of my favorite websites to hit the Net in 2010 was If you have an Iphone, you know exactly what this is. You go to text your mom about how some “rubbed their floppy disk on my face in class” and instead the Iphone autocorrects the message and your mom gets “rubbed their floppy dick on my face in class”. I know floppy disks haven’t been used in forever, but that’s neither here nor there. Dick to the face, you get the point.

Click here to visit and later I’ll be giving away some promo codes for a free download of their app. Or you can just click here to buy it yourself. They’ve cut the price for Christmas and it’s only 99 cents right now.


By quickie, I mean just a couple of photos. I definitely didn’t mean a quickie in the way that your dad propositions your mom while your busy playing Xbox 360 in their basement.

Click here to see more of Hef’s hottie Monica Leigh…


I’m sure you watch The League. If you don’t, well, we need to talk because your selection of TV shows is piss poor.

To get your addiction to the show started, I suggest checking out this interview with hottie Nadine Velazquez. Click here to fall in love, all over again.

P.S. Fall in love all over again might be my new catch phrase, but I promise only to use it in the most inappropriate of situations. You know, like, so and so died today. Click here to read their obituary and fall in love all over again.