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Today’s gift is a shirt from Attus Apparel. This isn’t just some douche polo that you can wear with the collar popped down at the yacht club will drinking Appletini’s with your girlfriend Muffy. Oh no, these are shirts for real men that like the finer things in life.

Things like drinking, strip clubs, skateboarding, snowboarding, music, strippers, etc.

Come to think of it, all of these things are what make Attus Apparel different. Instead of having some douche on a horse, Attus mixes up the emblems on their shirts to represent the things that you love.

I’ll be honest with you when I say that my two favorites are the “Polisher” and the “Jerk”. I mean look at these shirts, they scream “I’m here to party”.

Now onto the really good stuff. Attus has been gracious enough to provide the readers of with a special promo code.

Today only just enter “Donchavez25″ at checkout and receive 25% off.

Those of you interested in being eligible for a free shirt, just follow the links below.

Official rules for entry can be found here.

Previous prizes are listed here.

Winner will be chosen at random at midnight EST.

Also, don’t forget to join the Don Chavez’s Favorite Things Facebook Group.

h/t to GMB for the Banner

After the break, a special Holiday surprise from Attus Apparel.

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For some reason, I think Kirsten is trying to tell us that January is going to be a cold month in 2009.

See how the rest of the year looks after the break.

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Driver 20 – Passenger 0.


I am a lonely, beautiful woman living alone with my cat, Mrs. Norris. I work as a janitor. You will refer to me as Filch.

I need at least 5 men. You will arrive at my apartment. There will be a picture of a fat lady on the door, and you will tell her the pre-arranged password. You will be dressed based on your character. The characters I need are listed below.

Honestly that’s all you need to know. Right now if you are one of my readers in NYC, you’re hoping that you don’t live next to Mrs. Norris.

But for those who are curious as to what Mrs. Norris has planned, click here to continue reading the ultimate Harry Potter fantasy.