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In case you haven’t gotten your venti latte today, this video should get enough adrenaline coursing through your veins to serve as your morning pick me up. SO strap on your safety helmet and lets get moving. And never mind the boy passed out on the tracks. He knows exactly what he’s doing.


Wow. This is a nice thing to wear if you want to creep everyone out when you’re just walking around. Look at all those hands. It doesn’t so much look like you’re getting hugged as being pulled by green men into the bowels of hell. Not an awesome time.

Maybe a nice North Face jacket or pea coat if you’re looking for hugs? Just a suggestion.


This past weekend was the lowest total box office take for movies in a decade. The top 12 films took in only $52 million, making it the worst weekend in quite some time. I guess it’s good news for ‘The Possession’, which was the box office champ, despite clearing only $9.5 million in its second week. The last weekend to have a worse take than this past one? September of 2011, two weekends after the WTC attacks, when Mariah Carey’s ‘Glitter’ took to the theaters.

Esteemed company.


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Dominica Westling

It’s a little on the nose to quote the song that made the polka dot bikini famous, so let’s ignore what she’s wearing and focus on the girl that is wearing it. She’s a Swedish actress/model and is best known for possibly having an affair with Shaquille O’Neal, which is a weird thing to be famous for.

On Shaq’s end, it’s probably a great thing to be famous for, because it means he had sex with a really hot girl. Also, he’s an adulterer.

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