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How People Watch Movies In India

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They’re a little more…assertive than they are in the States. When something happens on screen that they don’t like (like this guy getting a gun to the head), they voice their displeasure by borderline rioting. I wish I could have done that with ‘Toy Story 3′ when they were all headed to the incinerator. That was some tearjerking stuff, guys, and I wanted to burn down that theater to the ground.


Michelle Obama has the strongest arms of any First Lady. And I’m willing to hazard a guess that she’s stronger than a lot of presidents, too. Like Reagan. Or Millard Fillmore. If you name your kid “Millard” I would say that you’re going to be pretty surprised to learn that he was elected president. Sort of like naming your kid “Mitt.” Not exactly a regal name.


What to say here? There’s a guy called ‘Slender Man’, he doesn’t have a face…he seems to be a sort-of knock-off of Charlie Kelly’s ‘Green Man’.

Oh, and he has a beautiful voice to let people know how lonely he is.


One of the worst parts of getting older isn’t so much the onset of responsibility, but the fact that the responsibility comes at the expense of fun.

Man Teen (awesome name, btw) manages to shirk his responsibility in a playful way that would probably get most real men evicted, arrested, or stabbed. So while it’s probably not best to emulate Man Teen’s antics like throwing a party in a U-Haul, it’s pretty damn gratifying to watch him fight growing up.

Also, don’t forget that your next mobile U-Haul party will only be as safe and fun as your driver. So don’t get a distraught driver. Oh, and don’t drive by your wives and girlfriends.


This picture was taken at the Democratic National Convention. Sure, this guy was probably just being cute and hoping his picture would get on Reddit or something, but I think that he would make a fine employee, following me around, letting everyone know that I’m unhappy with the way everything is. Generally, as the sign says.

I’m unhappy with the way my sandwich is unevenly toasted at Quizno’s, I’m unhappy with the way pedestrians are crossing the street when I have to turn right at an intersection, and I’m unhappy that my iced coffee, which takes two seconds to make (coffee+ice, duh) has to follow fourteen frappaucino orders that have fourteen modifiers, all different, in front of each drink.

This guy would earn his money if he was with me. And if he wasn’t, I would be generally displeased with the state of affairs.


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