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While the NFL takes a more and more theatrical approach to its season opener, college football prefers to play it cool, offering up the Kickoff Classics this weekend, and a few lesser games leading up to them. NBD, guys. NBD.

While there’s only one top-25 matchup before Saturday (#24 Boise St. vs. #13 Michigan State), we’ve got a humdinger on Saturday as #2 Alabama takes on #8 Michigan, which is a better matchup than you’re likely to see in the following weeks, so gather ye rosebuds, sports fans.

When viewed in this context, the NFL comes across as a little desperate for attention, no?

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Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr is getting her name out there, even more than it already was. She’s been dating Orlando Bloom for a few years now, which will get you some notoriety in and of itself, but she’s also been taking her top off, which is a great way to get some attention. At least it is if you look like her. Sadly, these aren’t topless pics, and if they were, we couldn’t show them to you anyway, but they’re not half bad, so let’s enjoy, no?

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It’s so easy you can use a fake ID with a picture of Bobby Hill on it (and a birthday younger than the legal age) and you can STILL get served. It’s one of the greatest things about the UK. Better than the food, that’s for damn sure.

Seriously, guys. Terrible food. Like boiled fried sausages and stuff.

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Snooki had her baby this weekend. Which means that the baby’s life is only going to go downhill from here. I can’t imagine what this kid will have to deal with growing up. Sure, his mom is rich, so he’ll be afforded some nice things, and probably a good education, but the same could be said about the Hilton sisters, and they didn’t turn out so well. In fact, this Lorenzo Snooki kid would probably deem the Hilton sisters role models.

I don’t have much else to say, other than, “I hope this is the last time we ever talk about Snooki or stuff that passes into or out of her vagina.”


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