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Halloween Costume Daily Dozen

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I hope you like costumes. If you don’t, you may want to stay off the Internet for the next week and a half or so. No Facebook, no imgur, no reddit, no nothing. Because it’s going to be like post-debate coverage times a thousand with costumes. Babies in costumes, celebs in costumes, people you don’t know in costumes…it’s a good time of year to be in the costume industry, and a bad time to be on teh Internet talking about things that aren’t costumes.

This has been a public service message.


That’s right. “October” with a “k.” What are you going to do about it? Blame the Germans, not us.

You’d think that with their rich heritage of pounding beer while dressed like adorable figurines that Germans would be able to remain quasi-vertical during celebrations of Oktoberfest. You’d be very wrong, as oh-so-humorously lays out.

Over the course of the year, Virgin Mobile has done a wonderfully stealthy job of promoting their products (at least we think they’re promoting their products) by actually entertaining us by pretty much doing my job for me. Consequently, we at Don Chavez are inclined to throw a little love their way. So if you like what’s behind the link above, there’s a pretty good chace you’ll enjoy their Twitter feed and their Facebook page. BOOM.


I think the best way to test the quality of your HD monitors is to use them to totally screw with people, and LG seems to agree. Consequently, here’s LG testing out their monitors by making it appear that the floor is dropping out from an elevator in an office building. I can’t blame the people for looking startled, but it’s still fun to mock them.


iPad Mini Daily Dozen

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As many of us are waking up after fainting at the majesty that is the iPhone 5, we’re abotu to fall back into our slumber after we get presented with the iPad mini later this week. It’s like an iPad but…A LITTLE BIT SMALLER!

I don’t know what the purpose is or what the other differences are, so I’m going to be conservative and only get six of them.


What is the most athletic sport? Many people would say soccer, but I’m pretty sure that’s wrong. There isn’t a whole lot of strength required in soccer. Not American football, either. Too many breaks. For my money, I would have to say gymnastics (What? It’s a sport!) or boxing. Those guys are ripped to within an inch of their lives and can run a one-minute routine on the rings. Or in the ring. I forget which sport we were talking about. Happy Friday, gang.


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