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Let’s not overthink today’s video. It would be nice to just turn off the ole’ thinking cap and watch some familiar movie characters sing the words to the legendary SIr Mix A Lot song. I don’t know how much effort goes into something like this, but I would be surprised if it was less than a hundred hours of work. While I’m grateful for this stranger’s efforts, I have to wonder what their endgame is. Do they put this on their resume?

Because they should!


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The Olympics have come and gone, with all the fanfare one would expect of a worldwide, quadrennial event. Of course, this means that now we have to focus our Facebook postings on other items, so let’s hope there’s another Chick-Fil-A scandal. Actually, what am I talking about? We’ve got preseason football and a divisive presidential election. Something tells me that we’re not going to run out of things to talk about any time in the near future. And the winter games are in a year and a half, so we only have to kill a short amount of time with this small talk.


Katy Perry looks pretty good when she’s not wearing a blue bob wig, or has sparklers shooting out her rack. If she did more things like this, I think she could make a bigger splash with the non-tween set, who could probably help her career, even though they don’t buy her posters and concert tickets. Whatever. Every little bit helps as the music industry circles the drain.

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Andi Muse

In case you forgot, these guys used to be the most prominent lingerie store, until a few other more friendly ones stepped up and made them the costume-y cousin to the practical ones. Oh well. They still have some pretty hot stuff as their model, Andi Muse (apt name) can demonstrate. So long live Fredericks!

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