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Today hasn’t been great for Lance Armstrong. He’s stepped down as the head of the Livestrong committee and Nike has killed its endorsement deal with him. Ouch. I know it looks like the guy lied about doping, and these decisions are purely business ones, but I hope that no one forgets all the good he did over the past decade, steroids, blood doping, or whatever. Anyway, not to be all preachy, but it just seems that in the Internet age, people have a pretty short memory when it comes to things.


It’s always easy (and fun) to rag on artists who sell out in crazy fashion. I guess that’s only true up to a point, because Snoop Dogg redid “Drop It Like It’s Hot” as “Pocket Like It’s Hot,” and it’s the most crass instance of selling out I have ever seen. Of course, no one is really looking to Snoop for artistic integrity or anything, but it’s nice that he can seem to have so much fun with something so dumb.

So, so dumb.


Atari Turns 35

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Which means it’s probably older than most everyone reading this article. While Atari may seem downright archaic these days, even the longest journey begins with one small step, and Atari was that step. Most of the games on this list will be unfamiliar, but number one is perhaps the most iconic video game of all time. Even if it gets REALLY boring and frustrating after a while.

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Since he’s put on a Bronco’s uniform, we haven’t seen much from Peyton Manning that reminds us that he is by far the most dominant QB of his generation. Possibly of any generation. However, that changed last night when the Broncos took on the Chargers. After being down 24-0 at halftime, Manning went 13-14 in the second half and walked away with a W, 35-24.

Of course, it wasn’t just an offensive display. The Chargers didn’t score in the second half, and the Broncos forced four interceptions, a career high for Phillip Rivers. Is it time to take the Broncos seriously?


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