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Holly Madison

The former Girl Next Door has taken to playing dress up like some sort of girl next door. Weird how that works. In any event, here she is getting all dolled up for Trashy Lingerie. Sure, it might not be the cover of Playboy, but it’s something all right! In fact, it will do just fine for me. Who needs bare breasts when you’ve got…plaid?

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We put up a teaser last week, but this week, you should know that Walt White has weighed his options going in to Season 5 and has said, “F*ck it. I’m gonna be a meth kingpin and ain’t no one goin’ get in my way.” I don’t know why he started using so much slang, but he did, so we’ll just have to make our peace with it.

Anyway, Walt White went from hunted to hunter pretty quickly it would appear. This guy just doesn’t know when to walk away, does he? And for that, we thank him.

So badass.


Not to put too fine a point on this thoughtful article, but it boils down to “If you’re heart is working well, so will the sex.” Stands to reason, no? And for some reason, Mediterranean foods help you bang better. I swear to God. Sounds weird to me too. I’m gonna pop olives like Tic-Tacs until I’m not impotent any more. Bon appetit!

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We’ve got about a month before the global shindig known as the Olympics kicks off in merry old England. I have to say that holding them in a city like London is far less interesting than many of the other cities. London is such a big, established city that hosting the Olympics or not hosting the Olympics probably won’t matter too much.

I want to cities with something at stake. If China blew those Olympics almost four years ago, you best believe that government would have taken it out on someone. London could probably care less. Remember when people thought the Athens games weren’t going to be done in time? That was kind of exciting. Same with the Barcelona games in 1992. Spaniards are late for everything.

London is a very nice town, but a little too predictable to bring the drama I associate with a good Olympics.


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