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Normally, I piss and moan about how the holidays are being promoted too early this year, and that everything is too commercial. But that’s before I learned about Holiday Pringles. We’ve got Pumpkin Pie Spice, White Chocolate Peppermint, and Cinnamon and Sugar flavors, which totally redeems all the commercialism that has taken place…ever.

Now it’s time to get a headstart on those Xmas love handles. To the Fatmobile!


I’ve never seen such a scary or troubling ad in my life, never mind the fact that it’s a public service campaign to teach people CPR. What’s remarkable is the weight of the ad isn’t due to the seriousness of cardiac arrest, but rather hordes of zombies who save a woman’s life, only to immediately descend on her and eat her once she’s un-undead.

Just watch the video. You’ll actually learn about CPR while you’re being entertained!


The Hulk Hogan sex tape is something that exists these days. Whether we want it to or not. You can find the video easily by looking on YouTube. We’d embed it here, but it’s kind of a shoddy job of blurring out certain things, so we’ll leave it to you. Also, to embed it, we’d have to watch it, and none of us here want to do that. Again, we’ll leave even the watching to you.

Hulk came out and said the sex tape was a “horrible choice.” Yes. I don’t think anyone has ever revealed in a press conference after their sex tape got leaked that it was a “good choice.” Well, maybe Kim Kardashian.


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In her book, Jenny recounts some of the usual bat shit crazy stuff that she’s been spouting on the talk show circuit for years, but also offers up some scandalous details about her days as a Playboy Playmate, including getting it on on the beach while high on drugs with 13 other girls.

Ok. I’m awake now. All good.

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