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What’s funny about this clip is that it’s pretty much the entire movie, just with the odd word dropped here and there. You still get the gist of the film. I enjoy these supercuts a lot (as many of us do), but I really don’t know who sits down for 10 hours to watch the whole film and copy and paste footage into these videos.

it’s probably the same people who make Wikipedia awesome. Thanks, anonymous Internet heroes.


Jerry Sanduskey, the infamous former Penn State coach who was convicted of molesting 10 boys over 15 years. The sentence brought down this morning is for not less than 30 years and not more than 60, which effectively makes it a life sentence for the 68 year-old.

I would normally crack a bunch of jokes about whatever’s in the news, but the Sandusky stuff is a) not very funny, and b) has all been done, so let’s just be glad this thing is effectively over, and we can forget all about this guy, our only reminder being Penn State’s terrible, terrible football team.


Not because they’re so advanced that future generations won’t believe we had the technology, but just because they were very, very, very silly. Take for instance laser discs. Giant platters that had to be flipped about three times during the course of a film. Of course, they laid the foundation for DVDs, but that doesn’t make them any less ridiculous.

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This mugshot is…fan-tastic. I don’t know what he was arrested for, but I’m guessing that it involves gathering and storing walnuts in his jowls. That’s the only possible explanation.


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