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There is it, the picture that basically turned this dormant horse racing blog into a naughty cheerleader fueled time killer for men. Back in February of this year I happened to be doing research for a paper I was writing on the evolution of female breast shape and size from the 1960′s to the present, when I found a link to a Photobucket album.

The owner of the album had been kind enough to leave their album set to “public” for all the world to see (or they were too lazy/dumb to check the “private” radio button), and I recognized that these were pictures of the Sacramento Kings cheerleaders. Normally, I would have just went on my merry Internet surfing way (after bookmarking of course), but on this day I said “fuck it” and posted them on this site.

I emailed the link to Matt at With Leather, who then posted the pictures as well. Well it didn’t take long before the story had gone national and Fox News had fed the beast. Sactown now had a full blown cheerleading scandal, and I had my first scoop.

I quickly came to realize that I was good at two things: (a) not doing work and (b) finding scandalous pictures of people who wish they could marry a pro athlete, but can’t, so instead choose to be their eye candy during time outs.

So you have the start of this whole mess, and now I’ll take you through some of the most popular posts on this site from 2008.

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Sports By Brooks Girls

That’s right, our F-list/cup flasher is none other than Jackie (#1). Over the years she’s developed a following after someone discovered her webshots photo album. Soon the message boards were buzzing about “Wildjax11″ so she pulled down most of her photos.

Fast forward a few years later, and someone happens upon a clip of her flashing for a few sets of beads and posts it on the Internet. Was that all it took, a few sets of beads?

Enough of my bullshit. After the break a brief pictorial history of Jackie and the 30 second movie that you’ve been waiting for.

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Amanda Wenk Pictures

Posted by Don Chavez in Babes

Forget about Lonelygirl15. Try a google search of the phrase “amanda wenk” (I’ve made it easy for you and put a search box at the bottom of this post) and you’ll come up with over 33,000 results. Sort through these results and you will see people scouring the internet for nude Amanda Wenk pictures, or mandawenk as her webshots alias was. The amazing thing is that most of the people who will read this post will probably come here hoping to find new pictures of Amanda Wenk. They are probably sick and tired of arguing over the one photo that is out there which has been heavily debated over the authenticity of it.

So for the normal reader; who was she? An innocent girl who posted her pictures of herself and her friends on her webshots account, but because of her above average breasts became the target of some not so nice comments on her page and internet forums raving about her. The end result was that she removed her pictures. Wise choice, except when you have a legion of fans, well they save them all. Case in point.

I also wonder what these people are thinking. Just by the content of the pictures, you could assume that this girl could be still in high school. In other words a minor. At the same time, she could be a college student, with high school friends. The fact of the matter that her profile was removed from webshots leads me to believe that she was probably in high school at the time of pictures.

Here is what I’m really wondering though…if you are a girl, is the only thing you need to be popular, a big set of breasts? I mean that’s easy, you can buy a pair…but can we consider that “buying your friends”? Wait, I think I found the answer. Check out Utjackie on myspace. Ok, she has an enormous set of lungs and has over 12,000 people on her friends list. Most of them are guys, that I am sure she doesn’t know. How many of those “friends” would have given a second glance to her profile is she wasn’t always spilling out of her top? None.

I guess this means one thing. Breasts rule the world.